Brendan Burns 1963

Brendan Stuart Burns was born in 1963; he currently lives and works in Cardiff. He studied Fine Art at Cardiff College of Art (1981 – 1985), and undertook a postgraduate in painting at The Slade School of Art, University College London (1985 – 1987). Burns has exhibited both Nationally and Internationally, including America, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

His work is held in numerous private and public collections including The National Museum & Galleries of Wales, The Derek Williams Trust, The Contemporary Art Society of Wales, Contemporary Art Society of Britain (Tom Bendhem Bequest), America, Australia, China, Holland, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and The United Arab Emirates.

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Brendan Burns Art Fairs

Brendan Burns Paintings and Drawings

Thrive – Point Lobos

Brendan Burns: Thrive – Point Lobos

Lull II

Brendan Burns: Lull II, 2014


Brendan Burns: Dwindle, 2016


Brendan Burns: Dapple, 2018


Brendan Burns: Fall, 2018


Brendan Burns: Blink, 2019


Brendan Burns: Dusk, 2019


Brendan Burns: Fizzle, 2019


Brendan Burns: Flare, 2019


Brendan Burns: Graze, 2019

Autumnal Bloom

Brendan Burns: Autumnal Bloom, 2021


Brendan Burns: Glim, 2021


Brendan Burns: Kito, 2022

Rhapsody II

Brendan Burns: Rhapsody II, 2022

Spring’s Surge (diptych)

Brendan Burns: Spring’s Surge (diptych), 2022

Summer Squint

Brendan Burns: Summer Squint, 2022

Tidal Seep

Brendan Burns: Tidal Seep, 2022

Tidal Shimmer I and II

Brendan Burns: Tidal Shimmer I and II, 2022

Autumn Blush

Brendan Burns: Autumn Blush, 2023


Brendan Burns: Backwash, 2023


Brendan Burns: Bloom, 2023


Brendan Burns: Blush, 2023


Brendan Burns: Presence, 2023

Sundown – “The Minch”

Brendan Burns: Sundown – “The Minch”, 2023

Tender – Point Lobos Lichen

Brendan Burns: Tender – Point Lobos Lichen, 2023