Avinash Chandra 1931 - 1991

Avinash Chandra (28 August 1931 – 15 September 1991) was an Indian painter, who lived and worked in the United Kingdom. He was born on 28 August 1931 in Shimla, India, and was brought up there and in Delhi. His father was the manager of the Cecil hotel in Delhi. He attended, and later taught at, Delhi Polytechnic. His students include Paramjit Singh, Arpita Singh and Gopi Gajwani. His 1955 “Snow in Pahalgam” sold for INR 4,375,000.

He moved, with his wife, to Golders Green, London, in 1956. In 1962 he was featured in a BBC Monitor documentary, presented by W.G. Archer, and in 2018 in the BBC documentary Whoever Heard of a Black Artist?. He died in London on 15 September 1991.

Avinash Chandra Paintings and Drawings


Avinash Chandra: Music, 1962

Hills of Dreams

Avinash Chandra: Hills of Dreams, 1965