Prunella Clough 1919 - 1999

Painter of landscapes and industrial subjects in oils. She trained at Chelsea School of Art 1938- and from 1940-45 worked in clerical and draughtsman’s jobs. Between 1946 and 1949 she painted in London and East Anglia and in 1947 she had her first solo exhibition at the Leger Gallery. She has since exhibited at leading London galleries including the Leicester, Grosvenor, New Art Centre and Annely Juda Fine Art, as well as internationally. Her work has been widely shown in group exhibitions and is represented in many public collections including the Tate Gallery. In 1960 a retrospective exhibition was held at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and in 1976 an Arts Council exhibition was held at the Serpentine Gallery.

Her early work was associated with English Neo-Romanticism but it also had affinities with French painting. In the 1950s her paintings of industrial subjects grew out of her concern to reinterpret figure painting free from its traditional associations. In later work figures disappear and landscape becomes her main subject. She is concerned with the memory of a scene and is drawn to geometric forms in landscape. Her colours are usually warm and muted, close-toned and strongly textured. Her distillation and selection of forms moves her work towards abstraction whilst retaining the initial reference to landscape. She explains her concerns as a partiality for the trace rather than the direct frontal confrontation. Her later work displays the range of her personal vocabulary and beauty of form and surface.

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Prunella Clough Exhibition Catalogue Exhibition Catalogue

Prunella Clough Paintings and Drawings

Bone Drawing

Prunella Clough: Bone Drawing, 1949

Landscape with Cable

Prunella Clough: Landscape with Cable, 1957

Chemical Works II

Prunella Clough: Chemical Works II, 1959

Industrial Interior 4

Prunella Clough: Industrial Interior 4, 1959

Oblique I

Prunella Clough: Oblique I, 1978

Forest Floor

Prunella Clough: Forest Floor, 1988

Chinese Chequers

Prunella Clough: Chinese Chequers, 1989


Prunella Clough: Trellis, 1991

Fancy Goods Two

Prunella Clough: Fancy Goods Two, 1992

Broken Vane

Prunella Clough: Broken Vane, 1994

Cord 2

Prunella Clough: Cord 2, 1995

Deserted Gravel Pit

Prunella Clough: Deserted Gravel Pit, c.1946

Thameside Cranes

Prunella Clough: Thameside Cranes, c.1950

Barrels in a Yard

Prunella Clough: Barrels in a Yard, c.1954

Yellow & Grey Composition

Prunella Clough: Yellow & Grey Composition, c.1979

Prunella Clough Prints


Prunella Clough: Untitled, 1962

Mirror and Plant

Prunella Clough: Mirror and Plant, 1996