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American painter and graphic artist who uses innovative materials such as tar, plaster and latex paint in the creation of isolated, recognizable images, e.g. his ‘puzzle pictures’ series of the mid ’70s. His land and seascapes of the later ’70s are multilayerd, suggesting both physical and illusory dimensions. In the mid-80s he began to create his well known images of lemons in yellow and black, e.g. ‘Four lemons’ (1984) and the ‘Black Lemon’ series on paper (1985-6). Throughout the ’80s he produced ‘event pictures’ which were inspired by current issues, e.g. environmental and industrial concerns, e.g. ‘Pumps’ (1984) and ‘Early Morning’ (1988), in which the effect of fire is achieves by the appl...

Dried Red Rose - Donald Sultan

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OSBORNE SAMUEL GALLERY is one of London’s leading galleries, long established in the heart of Mayfair. The gallery began as Berkeley Square Gallery and became Osborne Samuel when Peter Osborne and Gordon Samuel joined forces. The gallery specialises in Modern British Painting and Sculpture and has a high reputation for the quality of its exhibitions and publications. Expand...

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