Tim Flach 1958

Tim Flach (born 1958, London, United Kingdom) is a London based photographer with work in several major international public collections, including the National Media Museum, UK and the Swedish Museum of Natural History. He is best known for his highly conceptual images of animals using principles of human portraiture and a vocabulary of gestures and looks which seem to echo our own and play on our predispositions and sympathies.

Tim Flach Endangered Catalogue 2017 Endangered Catalogue 2017

Tim Flach Photography


Tim Flach: Armot

Berkshire Landscape

Tim Flach: Berkshire Landscape

Bring Me Sunshine

Tim Flach: Bring Me Sunshine

Cosmetic Series – Natural

Tim Flach: Cosmetic Series – Natural


Tim Flach: Cremello

Egyptian Bats

Tim Flach: Egyptian Bats

Flying Mop

Tim Flach: Flying Mop


Tim Flach: Frisians

Haflinger Landscape

Tim Flach: Haflinger Landscape

Horse Curly Mane

Tim Flach: Horse Curly Mane

Horse Mountain

Tim Flach: Horse Mountain

Horse Tongue

Tim Flach: Horse Tongue

I am Harry

Tim Flach: I am Harry

Kinda Ready

Tim Flach: Kinda Ready


Tim Flach: Mushroom


Tim Flach: Mustangs

Mustangs – Cold

Tim Flach: Mustangs – Cold

Mustangs – Warm

Tim Flach: Mustangs – Warm

Newmarket Treadmill

Tim Flach: Newmarket Treadmill

Opera Bat

Tim Flach: Opera Bat

Sleeping Mop

Tim Flach: Sleeping Mop

Stoic Point

Tim Flach: Stoic Point


Tim Flach: Topiary

Trinity I

Tim Flach: Trinity I

Withering Glacier

Tim Flach: Withering Glacier

Red Kite

Tim Flach: Red Kite, 2014

Blue Throated Macaw Close up

Tim Flach: Blue Throated Macaw Close up, 2017

Elephant Shadows

Tim Flach: Elephant Shadows, 2017


Tim Flach: Fireflies, 2017

Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

Tim Flach: Golden Snub Nosed Monkey, 2017

Hippo Underwater

Tim Flach: Hippo Underwater, 2017

Hyacinth Macaw

Tim Flach: Hyacinth Macaw, 2017

Military Macaw Front On

Tim Flach: Military Macaw Front On, 2017

Military Macaw Side On

Tim Flach: Military Macaw Side On, 2017

Pangolin Holding on to Mothers Tail

Tim Flach: Pangolin Holding on to Mothers Tail, 2017

Polar Bear Portrait

Tim Flach: Polar Bear Portrait, 2017

Polar Bear Swimming

Tim Flach: Polar Bear Swimming, 2017

Red Crown Cranes Courting

Tim Flach: Red Crown Cranes Courting, 2017

Red Crown Cranes Dancing

Tim Flach: Red Crown Cranes Dancing, 2017

Snow Leopard

Tim Flach: Snow Leopard, 2017

Western Lowland Gorilla Drinking

Tim Flach: Western Lowland Gorilla Drinking, 2017