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Photographer, video and installation artist. Her work with heliography, the chemical action of light on emulsified photosensitive surfaces, has taken the technique to the forefront of contemporary art. The artist’s strong socio-political photographic images serve as metaphors for some of the most acute problems of contemporary society such as famine, homelessness, authoritarianism, poor education, corrupt governments and officials, gun violence, crime, etc. Heliography is commonly, commercially, used in the development of architectural blue prints. Through her own investigations, Sacco created an anti-orthodox method of developing the heliographic image. Through her manipulated heliography technique, Sacco is able to transfer her original or appropriated photographic images onto a...

M2, T4 - Graciela Sacco

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OSBORNE SAMUEL GALLERY is one of London’s leading galleries, long established in the heart of Mayfair. The gallery began as Berkeley Square Gallery and became Osborne Samuel when Peter Osborne and Gordon Samuel joined forces. The gallery specialises in Modern British Painting and Sculpture and has a high reputation for the quality of its exhibitions and publications. Expand...

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