Sean Henry b. 1965

Sean Henry has exhibited with Osborne Samuel since 2001. Born in Woking, England in 1965, Henry graduated from Bristol Polytechnic in 1987. He had his first solo exhibition in London in 1988 and was visiting artist at the University of California in 1990/1991. He was the first sculptor to win the Villiers David Prize in 1998 and his work is regularly exhibited by galleries in London, New York and throughout Europe, and can be seen in public collections in the UK, Sweden, and the USA.

Henry’ s public works include 4 works in Woking town centre, ‘Walking Man’ in London’ s Holland Park (2000) and ‘Man With Potential Selves’ in the centre of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (2003). In 2007 he completed Couple – the UK’ s first permanent offshore sculpture, a critically acclaimed 13m high and 20m wide painted bronze and steel sculpture located 300 meters off the coast of Northumberland, at Newbiggin Bay. In 2008 the headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank in the City of London became the permanent home for a nine-figure installation, located in the building’ s main atrium.

Recent exhibitions include Face to Face: The Figurative Art of Sean Henry, at The Lightbox Museum & Gallery in  Woking, Conflux – a solo show in 2011 of twenty polychrome sculptures in and around Salisbury Cathedral. Recent additions to his public works include the installation of Walking Woman at Ekebergparken in Oslo, Norway (2013) and Lying Man at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan, USA (2011). The first comprehensive survey of Sean Henry’ s work and career was published in 2008, a 160 page monograph written by Tom Flynn, the London-based art historian. Henry is married with three children and lives and works in Wiltshire, England.... read more

Sean Henry Sculpture Larger

You’re not the same

Sean Henry: You’re not the same, 2005

Woman (Being looked at)

Sean Henry: Woman (Being looked at), 2006

Standing Man

Sean Henry: Standing Man, 2009

Seated Man

Sean Henry: Seated Man, 2011


Sean Henry: Sleeper, 2013

The Wanderer

Sean Henry: The Wanderer, 2014

Woman (Looking)

Sean Henry: Woman (Looking), 2014

The Dinner Table

Sean Henry: The Dinner Table, 2015

Seated Figure

Sean Henry: Seated Figure, 2016

Seated Figure

Sean Henry: Seated Figure, 2016

Sleeping Man (Version 2)

Sean Henry: Sleeping Man (Version 2), 2016

Standing Man

Sean Henry: Standing Man, 2016

Seated Figure

Sean Henry: Seated Figure, 2017


Sean Henry: Cradle, 2020

Have  You Ever

Sean Henry: Have You Ever, 2020

Sean Henry Paintings and Drawings

Head Study (KL)

Sean Henry: Head Study (KL), 2019

Sean Henry Sculpture Maquette

Man of Honour

Sean Henry: Man of Honour, 1999

Man and Child

Sean Henry: Man and Child, 2001


Sean Henry: T.P.O.L.R., 2002

One Step Forward

Sean Henry: One Step Forward, 2004

John (Standing)

Sean Henry: John (Standing), 2010

Untitled (Man on a Stool)

Sean Henry: Untitled (Man on a Stool), 2010

Untitled 2010 (Blue Jeans)

Sean Henry: Untitled 2010 (Blue Jeans), 2010

Maquette for John (Seated)

Sean Henry: Maquette for John (Seated), 2011

Seated Man

Sean Henry: Seated Man, 2011

Journey Man

Sean Henry: Journey Man, 2012


Sean Henry: Ramp, 2012

The Way It Is

Sean Henry: The Way It Is, 2012


Sean Henry: TBTF, 2013


Sean Henry: LM, 2014


Sean Henry: REPO, 2014

The Way It Will Be

Sean Henry: The Way It Will Be, 2014

Maquette for Seated Man 1, 2, 3

Sean Henry: Maquette for Seated Man 1, 2, 3, 2016

Seated Man

Sean Henry: Seated Man, 2016


Sean Henry: Hedda, 2018

You Don’t Know How It Feels

Sean Henry: You Don’t Know How It Feels, 2018

Standing Man (Frank)

Sean Henry: Standing Man (Frank), 2019

Walla Walla

Sean Henry: Walla Walla, 2020