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Born in Philadelphia, John Ernest moved to Europe in 1946 to paint. Prior to this he had been a cartoonist in America. He arrived in London in 1951 – seeing the London Groups first exhibition Abstract Paintings, Sculptures, Mobiles at the A.I.A Gallery. In 1952 he joined St Martins School of Art to study sculpture meeting Kenneth Martin in 1953. From 1956 he was a teacher at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham.

He had experimented with abstract work in the late forties but it wasn’t until his arrival in London and his meeting with Victor Pasmore that he began to exhibit as a constructionist, his first group exhibition being Artist v. Machine in London in 1954. This was Ernest’s first use of machine made materials. He says of this period of developmen...

Mosaic Relief I - John Ernest

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OSBORNE SAMUEL GALLERY is one of London’s leading galleries, long established in the heart of Mayfair. The gallery began as Berkeley Square Gallery and became Osborne Samuel when Peter Osborne and Gordon Samuel joined forces. The gallery specialises in Modern British Painting and Sculpture and has a high reputation for the quality of its exhibitions and publications. Expand...

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