CRW Nevinson 1889-1946

Born in Hampstead, North London on 13th August 1889, Nevinson studied at the St. Johns Wood School of Art (1907 – 08), before moving to the Slade (1908 to 1912), where he studied under the renowned Professor of Drawing, Henry Tonks. He then studied in Paris at the Academie Julien (1912 – 17) and also studied at the Circle Russe.

In Paris, Nevinson shared a studio with Amedeo Modigliani (1884 – 1920) and became influenced by Cubism. Heavily influenced by the Italian Futurist movement Nevinson drew inspiration from the modern city with it’s new machines and modes of transport. 

Nevinson first exhibited in London in 1910 and became a founder member of the London Group, formerly the Camden Town Group, in 1913, exhibiting with Walter Sickert, Camille Pissarro, Edward Wadsworth, David Bomberg, Sylvia Gosse and Paul Nash. In 1915 the ‘Vorticists’ held their only group show at the Dore Gallery. Developed by Wyndham Lewis from ideas of the Futurists, of whom he was highly critical, the movement included Gaudier Brzeska, Jacob Epstein, William Roberts, David Bomberg and Christopher Nevinson. ... read more

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CRW Nevinson Prints

Returning to the Trenches

CRW Nevinson: Returning to the Trenches, 1916

Banking at 4000 Feet

CRW Nevinson: Banking at 4000 Feet, 1917

Reclaimed Country

CRW Nevinson: Reclaimed Country, 1917

Survivors at Arras

CRW Nevinson: Survivors at Arras, 1917

After a Push

CRW Nevinson: After a Push, 1918

Ebb Tide on the Camber

CRW Nevinson: Ebb Tide on the Camber, 1918

Now Back the Bayonets

CRW Nevinson: Now Back the Bayonets, 1918

Over the Lines

CRW Nevinson: Over the Lines, 1918

The Road from Arras to Bapaume

CRW Nevinson: The Road from Arras to Bapaume, 1918

The Roof Garden

CRW Nevinson: The Roof Garden, 1919

The Temples of New York

CRW Nevinson: The Temples of New York, 1919

The Workers

CRW Nevinson: The Workers, 1919

Le Louvre

CRW Nevinson: Le Louvre, 1922

Romney Marsh

CRW Nevinson: Romney Marsh, 1922

A Picnic

CRW Nevinson: A Picnic, 1924-1927

Sunday Evening

CRW Nevinson: Sunday Evening, 1924-1927

From Waterloo Bridge – Sun Bursting Through Fog

CRW Nevinson: From Waterloo Bridge – Sun Bursting Through Fog, 1924-26

Bouquet des Arbres

CRW Nevinson: Bouquet des Arbres, 1926-1927

Manette Street

CRW Nevinson: Manette Street, 1926-1927


CRW Nevinson: Sevres, 1926-1927

The Spirit of Progress

CRW Nevinson: The Spirit of Progress, 1933

London Bridges

CRW Nevinson: London Bridges, c.1920

The Pool of London

CRW Nevinson: The Pool of London, c.1920

London from Parliament Hill

CRW Nevinson: London from Parliament Hill, c.1923

CRW Nevinson Paintings and Drawings

Troops Near Peronne

CRW Nevinson: Troops Near Peronne, 1917