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Director of The Berkeley Square Gallery, London, England.

Steinunn’s sculpture is elemental, extracted from raw material at its rawest; iron, glass, aluminium. It is not decorative nor can it be. The human figures are formed by the mass of the metal, taking shape as they emerge into the light from a molten swamp, rising up and stretching out, embracing our world but not of our world. There is solitude and pathos, but also strength and dignity. Great sculpture resonates with its environment, and Steinunn work is at its most powerful and provocative when it re-defines its natural surroundings.
I do not know Iceland but I feel that the landscape of the country and its natural geology are the right settings for her work. There is tension in her figures and they do stand apart, as sentinels and observers of a barren yet beautiful land.

curator, art historian, critic

Steinunn uses life casts consciously in her works. She casts alternatively in cast iron, aluminium or cement as well as using clay and glass. Her casts are not made for the purpose of imitating the subject as if making a copy of the original, but rather her method to show the theatrical in art, show the playfulness as such. In that sense her works reflect common humanity that stands apart from time. Steinunn thus seems untouched by the superficial search of novelty for novelty sake, that so often characterizes contemporary art.

director of the Reykjavik Art Museum

Even though the pioneers of Icelandic sculpture focused for a long time on man himself as the center of their work this changed as time passed. After the middle of the 20th century one can say that non representational abstract art took over and almost dictated sculpture for about thirty years.

Journey - Steinunn Thorarinsdottir

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