Lill Tschudi 1911-2004

Swiss painter and linocut artist. Her interest in the linocut was brought about by seeing the work of Norbertine Bresslern-Roth and she studied with Claude Flight at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art 1920-30. She also studied in Paris with Andre Lhote, Gino Severini and Fernand Leger. Apart from the time when she was studying she has spent all her life in Switzerland although most of her prints were shown in the exhibitions arranged by Claude Flight.

Some of her prints are typical Grosvenor School subjects: Fixing the Lines (1932), Ice Hockey , Sticking up Posters (both 1933), and London Buses (1935), but others show Swiss scenes: Swiss Parliament (c1935) and the black and white Knaben mit Skis (c1935). She was captivated by sporting subjects-the physical exertions of circus performers, gymnasts and runners; themes that also preocupied Power and Andrews. Many on Tschudi’s sporting prints mak e referenrce to her Swiss homeland: among the more obvious examples are the winter sports of sledging, skiing and ski-jumping, or the cyclists competing in the Tour de Suisse race.

Tschudi matured very quickly as an artist. She was not yet twenty-one when she made Fixing the Wires in March 1932. In the two years since leaving the Grosvenor School she had made twenty-five linocuts. Flight was so impressed by her technical abilities that he reproduced Fixing the Wires in his 1934 textbook: The Art and Craft of Linocutting and Printing .... read more

Lill Tschudi Lill Tschudi: The Excitement of the Modern Linocut Lill Tschudi: The Excitement of the Modern Linocut

Lill Tschudi Prints


Lill Tschudi: Gardisten

Sunday Morning (Bear Pit)

Lill Tschudi: Sunday Morning (Bear Pit), 1930


Lill Tschudi: Underground, 1930

Affaire d’Honneur

Lill Tschudi: Affaire d’Honneur, 1932

Sailors’ Holiday

Lill Tschudi: Sailors’ Holiday, 1932

Winter im Glarnerland Schweiz

Lill Tschudi: Winter im Glarnerland Schweiz, 1933

People Coming Out of Church

Lill Tschudi: People Coming Out of Church, 1938

“La Banda” at San Marco, Venice

Lill Tschudi: “La Banda” at San Marco, Venice, c.1955