Viewing Room - Video

Exhibition Video – Sean Henry: Waiting For The Sun

10th November 2020

An introduction to Sean Henry’s solo exhibition of sculptures and drawings ‘WAITING FOR THE SUN’ now installed at Osborne Samuel Gallery, 23 Dering Street, Mayfair, London W1. The exhibition runs until December 23rd 2020, and is due to re-open to the public on December 3rd.

Henry Moore, Reclining Figure: Holes

4th September 2020

Cast in bronze, in 1975, Maquette for Reclining Figure: Holes is a tactile, enigmatic form. From the front it rests languorously, space entering the composition through voids where limbs arch and touch. Reversed, the salient feature is the curve Moore anticipated so keenly.  …

Sean Henry: In the Studio

17th July 2020

Sean Henry gives us a glimpse into his working methods and studio in July 2020, near the end of the UK lockdown. With exhibitions in London and The Netherlands postponed until the end of 2020 and Spring 2021, this short film gives us a unique opportunity to see new works…

Masterpiece Online 2020

18th June 2020

Gallery Director, Tania Sutton, discusses Osborne Samuel's participation in Masterpiece Fair

Mine Crater (Hill 60) and After a Push: Impressions of War and Peace

26th May 2020

Amy Tibble discusses Paul Nash’s Mine Crater (Hill 60) and CRW Nevinson’s After a Push…

CRW Nevinson, Returning to the Trenches in ‘Nash & Nevinson: Impressions of War & Peace’

22nd May 2020

Gordon Samuel, Director of Osborne Samuel Gallery, talks about the icon print, 'Returning to the Trenches', part of the exhibition 'Nash & Nevinson: Impressions of War & Peace'

Paul Nash, Men Marching at Night

29th April 2020

Amy Tibble discusses the rare print, Paul Nash’s Men Marching at Night, part of the exhibition ‘Nash & Nevinson: Impressions of War & Peace’…