Art Miami 2022

29 November - 04 December 2022

Recognised as one of the preeminent international modern and contemporary art fairs, Art Miami will showcase an array of iconic and important art works, dynamic projects and special installations from more than 170 international galleries from November 29 – December 4, 2022.

Osborne Samuel have supported Art Miami for many years and are pleased to return again for the 32nd Edition.


British sculpture continues to be a strength of the gallery and this year is no exception with new acquisitions by Henry Moore and Lynn Chadwick.

We have exceptional paintings and works on paper by Sam Francis, William Kentridge, Lucian Freud, Bridget Riley and Jim Dine.

We will also be showing new works by contemporary painter Brendan Burns and sculptor Sean Henry.

Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms)

Kenneth Armitage: Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms), 1957

In Full Cry

Sybil Andrews: In Full Cry, 1931

The Windmill

Sybil Andrews: The Windmill, 1933

Rush Hour

Sybil Andrews: Rush Hour, 1930


Brendan Burns: Cradle, 2022

Rhapsody I

Brendan Burns: Rhapsody I, 2022

Rhapsody II

Brendan Burns: Rhapsody II, 2022

Tidal Shimmer I and II

Brendan Burns: Tidal Shimmer I and II, 2022


Brendan Burns: Naisei, 2022

Figure in Space

Reg Butler: Figure in Space, 1956

Dancing Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Dancing Figures, 1957

Teddy Boy and Girl

Lynn Chadwick: Teddy Boy and Girl, 1955

Two Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Two Figures, 1956

Twister II

Lynn Chadwick: Twister II, 1962

Tall Girl

Lynn Chadwick: Tall Girl, 1970

Cloaked Couple V

Lynn Chadwick: Cloaked Couple V, 1977

Sitting Woman in Robes II

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Woman in Robes II, 1987

Sitting Couple

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Couple, 1990


Lynn Chadwick: Untitled, 1975

Untitled 1985, San Leandro

Sam Francis: Untitled 1985, San Leandro, 1985

Untitled, 1990

Sam Francis: Untitled, 1990, 1990

July, Summer 2014 V

Jim Dine: July, Summer 2014 V, 2014

July, Summer 2014 XVIII

Jim Dine: July, Summer 2014 XVIII, 2014

Self-Portrait: Reflection

Lucian Freud: Self-Portrait: Reflection, 1996

Portrait Head

Lucian Freud: Portrait Head, 2001


Sean Henry: Hedda, 2018

John (Standing)

Sean Henry: John (Standing), 2010

Lying Man

Sean Henry: Lying Man, 2020

Maquette for Seated Figure

Sean Henry: Maquette for Seated Figure, 2018

The Way It Will Be

Sean Henry: The Way It Will Be, 2014

Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow: April 1968

Patrick Heron: Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow: April 1968, 1968

Eight Vessels

William Kentridge: Eight Vessels, 2021

Family Groups

Henry Moore: Family Groups, 1944

Fourteen Ideas for Sculpture

Henry Moore: Fourteen Ideas for Sculpture, 1939

Frieze of Dancing Figures

Henry Moore: Frieze of Dancing Figures, 1921


Henry Moore: Helmet, 1950

Ideas for Sculpture

Henry Moore: Ideas for Sculpture, 1942

Maquette for Strapwork Head

Henry Moore: Maquette for Strapwork Head, 1950

Mother and Child: Circular Base

Henry Moore: Mother and Child: Circular Base, 1980

Mother with Twins

Henry Moore: Mother with Twins, 1982

Reclining Figure

Henry Moore: Reclining Figure, 1936-37

Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet

Henry Moore: Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet, 1980

Rocking Chairs

Henry Moore: Rocking Chairs, 1948

Standing Figures

Henry Moore: Standing Figures, 1949

Women Winding Wool

Henry Moore: Women Winding Wool, 1948

Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown)

Victor Pasmore: Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown), 1973

The Tube Station

Cyril Edward Power: The Tube Station, 1932

Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black

Bridget Riley: Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black, 1974

Sailors’ Holiday

Lill Tschudi: Sailors’ Holiday, 1932

Blade Venus 1

William Turnbull: Blade Venus 1, 1989


Graciela Sacco: Untitled, 2013