British Art Fair

28 September - 01 October 2023

Founded in 1988, British Art Fair is the only fair dedicated to Modern and Contemporary British Art. Britain’s leading dealers exhibit paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures covering all the important artistic movements of the past 100 years: from the early modernists to the YBAs to contemporary art. The fair is elegantly staged throughout three floors of London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea from 28 September – 1 October 2022. The result is a boutique event of the highest quality.


Sybil Andrews: Haysel, 1936

In Full Cry

Sybil Andrews: In Full Cry, 1931

Composition JBW1, 1962/3

John Blackburn: Composition JBW1, 1962/3, 1962/3

Untitled (Forms – Grey/Blue)

John Blackburn: Untitled (Forms – Grey/Blue), 1963

The February Pictures: No 11

John Blackburn: The February Pictures: No 11, 2005

Sitting Woman

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Woman, 1985-86

Seated Figure

Lynn Chadwick: Seated Figure, 1980

Pair of Sitting Figures IV

Lynn Chadwick: Pair of Sitting Figures IV, 1973

Dreamer on the Seashore

John Craxton: Dreamer on the Seashore, 1944-45

Sun, Cat and Bird

John Craxton: Sun, Cat and Bird, 1986-88

Head of a Man

John Craxton: Head of a Man, c.1960s

Reclining Male Nude

John Craxton: Reclining Male Nude, c.1970s

Still Life

John Craxton: Still Life, c1960

Study for ‘Man with a Thistle (Self-Portrait)’ (1946)

Lucian Freud: Study for ‘Man with a Thistle (Self-Portrait)’ (1946)

Sylvia Faulkner

Lucian Freud: Sylvia Faulkner, 1942

Early Spring, Selborne

Keith Grant: Early Spring, Selborne, 2017

Forest Idyll I

Keith Grant: Forest Idyll I, 2021

Eagle, Glacier, Road Pierced Cliff

Keith Grant: Eagle, Glacier, Road Pierced Cliff, 2021

Blackbird – The Narrow Road to the Deep North Series

Keith Grant: Blackbird – The Narrow Road to the Deep North Series, 2021

John (Standing)

Sean Henry: John (Standing), 2010

Untitled (Self Portrait)

Sean Henry: Untitled (Self Portrait), 2023

Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow: April 1968

Patrick Heron: Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow: April 1968, 1968

Yellow Autumn from a Terrace

Ivon Hitchens: Yellow Autumn from a Terrace, 1948


John Minton: Fisherman

Standing Figure No. 2

Henry Moore: Standing Figure No. 2, 1952

Reclining Figure

Henry Moore: Reclining Figure, 1936-37

Snake Head

Henry Moore: Snake Head, 1961

Three Ideas for Sculpture

Henry Moore: Three Ideas for Sculpture, 1980


Ben Nicholson: Assisi, 1955

Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown)

Victor Pasmore: Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown), 1973

Linear Symphony

Victor Pasmore: Linear Symphony, 1974


John Piper: Portland, c.1950

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's


John Piper: Tryfan, 1950

The Eight

Cyril Edward Power: The Eight, 1930

Monseigneur St Thomas

Cyril Edward Power: Monseigneur St Thomas, 1931

Aldgate Station

Cyril Edward Power: Aldgate Station, 1940

Eric and Gervase

Patrick Procktor: Eric and Gervase, 1969

Group of Compositions (The Seasons)

Alan Reynolds: Group of Compositions (The Seasons), 1955

Moth Barn Interior 3

Alan Reynolds: Moth Barn Interior 3, 1952


William Roberts: Bathers, 1923

Chelsea Suite No. 4

William Scott: Chelsea Suite No. 4, 1975

Thames from Lambeth Bridge

Edward Seago: Thames from Lambeth Bridge, Circa 1973

Blade Venus 1

William Turnbull: Blade Venus 1, 1989

Nude Against a Rock

Keith Vaughan: Nude Against a Rock, 1957

Village After Sunset (2)

Keith Vaughan: Village After Sunset (2), 1968

Wheelbarrow and Gardener

Keith Vaughan: Wheelbarrow and Gardener, 1955