British Art Fair

29 September - 02 October 2022

Founded in 1988, British Art Fair is the only fair dedicated to Modern and Contemporary British Art. Britain’s leading dealers exhibit paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures covering all the important artistic movements of the past 100 years: from the early modernists to the YBAs to contemporary art. The fair is elegantly staged throughout three floors of London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea from 29 September – 2 October 2022. The result is a boutique event of the highest quality.


Robert Adams: Maquette, 1962


Robert Adams: Maquette, 1962

Bottle with Two Forms

John Blackburn: Bottle with Two Forms, 2021

Grey Square with Cups – SOLD Vanner Gallery

John Blackburn: Grey Square with Cups – SOLD Vanner Gallery, 2010

The February Pictures: No 11

John Blackburn: The February Pictures: No 11, 2005

Cloaked Couple V

Lynn Chadwick: Cloaked Couple V, 1977

Sitting Woman in Robes II

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Woman in Robes II, 1987

Untitled (Squid)

John Craxton: Untitled (Squid), 1954

Volcanic Landscape

John Craxton: Volcanic Landscape, 1973

Tribute IV

Elisabeth Frink: Tribute IV, 1975

Oval Theme I

Adrian Heath: Oval Theme I, 1956


Roger Hilton: Untitled, 1970

Spring Light Over a Landscape

Ivon Hitchens: Spring Light Over a Landscape, 1957


Denis Mitchell: Roseveor, 1985

Mother and Child: Circular Base

Henry Moore: Mother and Child: Circular Base, 1980

Mother with Twins

Henry Moore: Mother with Twins, 1982

Path Into The Wood, Whiteleaf

Paul Nash: Path Into The Wood, Whiteleaf, 1921


Ben Nicholson: Assisi, 1955


Ben Nicholson: Composition, 1972

Kingston Deverill

William Nicholson: Kingston Deverill, c.1933


Winifred Nicholson: Bewcastle, 1972

Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown)

Victor Pasmore: Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown), 1973


John Piper: Portland, c.1950

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's

Chalk Path, Early Autumn

Alan Reynolds: Chalk Path, Early Autumn, 1953-54

Group of Compositions (The Seasons)

Alan Reynolds: Group of Compositions (The Seasons), 1955

Moth Barn Interior 3

Alan Reynolds: Moth Barn Interior 3, 1952

Legend in December

Alan Reynolds: Legend in December, 1955

Chelsea Suite No. 4

William Scott: Chelsea Suite No. 4, 1975

Blade Venus 1

William Turnbull: Blade Venus 1, 1989

Frogmen and Worbarrow

Keith Vaughan: Frogmen and Worbarrow, 1964

Two Bathers by a Pool

Keith Vaughan: Two Bathers by a Pool, 1968

Woodmen Marking Trees

Keith Vaughan: Woodmen Marking Trees, 1945

Portrait Head

Keith Vaughan: Portrait Head, c. 1935