Frieze Masters: Regent’s Park

12 - 16 October 2022

The next edition of the Fair returns to Regent’s Park from 12 – 16 October, alongside Frieze Sculpture.

In our selection we have brought together paintings and sculptures by British artists with a connection to Lilian Somerville, Director of the British Council’s Fine Arts Department from 1948 to 1970.


Standing Figure

Kenneth Armitage: Standing Figure, 1954

Figure in Space

Reg Butler: Figure in Space, 1956


Reg Butler: Girl, 1956-57

Study for Sacrificial Figure

Reg Butler: Study for Sacrificial Figure, 1952

Boy & Girl

Lynn Chadwick: Boy & Girl, 1959

Dancing Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Dancing Figures, 1957


Lynn Chadwick: Mobile, 1951

Teddy Boy and Girl

Lynn Chadwick: Teddy Boy and Girl, 1955

Two Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Two Figures, 1956

Watcher VI

Lynn Chadwick: Watcher VI, 1961

Go Five

Robyn Denny: Go Five, 1957

Red, Black and Blue Arrows

Terry Frost: Red, Black and Blue Arrows, 1962

Pierced Form (Amulet)

Barbara Hepworth: Pierced Form (Amulet), 1962

Two Forms Atlantic

Barbara Hepworth: Two Forms Atlantic, 1961

Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow: April 1968

Patrick Heron: Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow: April 1968, 1968

Spring Light Over a Landscape

Ivon Hitchens: Spring Light Over a Landscape, 1957

Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab)

Bernard Meadows: Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab), 1952-4

Figures in Settings

Henry Moore: Figures in Settings, 1949

Maquette for Strapwork Head

Henry Moore: Maquette for Strapwork Head, 1950

Mother and Child: Round Form

Henry Moore: Mother and Child: Round Form, 1980

Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet

Henry Moore: Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet, 1980

Reclining Figure: Fragment

Henry Moore: Reclining Figure: Fragment, 1952

Rocking Chairs

Henry Moore: Rocking Chairs, 1948

Coloured Relief

Ben Nicholson: Coloured Relief, 1938


Ben Nicholson: 674, 1945


Eduardo Paolozzi: Collage, 1951

Linear Symphony

Victor Pasmore: Linear Symphony, 1974

Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black

Bridget Riley: Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black, 1974

Untitled (Fragment 5)

Bridget Riley: Untitled (Fragment 5), 1965

Still Life

William Scott: Still Life, 1958