Frieze Masters: Regent’s Park

11 - 15 October 2023

Make It New opens at Frieze Masters on 11 October and builds on previous gallery exhibitions, looking anew at the progressive and innovative approach to materials and processes in post war British Art. It is not a uniform linear progression of one school but a kaleidoscope of ideas, materials and methods, where texture, colour, shape and form evolve in ever demanding, unique and surprising ways. The exhibition features many of the leading post war British artists, ranging from the plexiglass prints of Bridget Riley to Henry Moore’s sculpture cast in lead, carved relief board by Ben Nicholson to plaster and iron sculptures by Lynn Chadwick. The accompanying catalogue has an extensive text by Dr Judith LeGrove. The exhibition opens at Frieze Masters and then transfers to the gallery.



Robert Adams: Maquette, 1962

Screen Form (Vertical)

Robert Adams: Screen Form (Vertical), 1960

Vertical Movement No 2

Robert Adams: Vertical Movement No 2, 1960

Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms)

Kenneth Armitage: Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms), 1957

Dancing Figures (Two Dancing Figures)

Lynn Chadwick: Dancing Figures (Two Dancing Figures), 1956

Short Horn

Lynn Chadwick: Short Horn, 1954

Two Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Two Figures, 1956

Two Winged Figures II

Lynn Chadwick: Two Winged Figures II, 1976

Oblique I

Prunella Clough: Oblique I, 1978

Oval Theme I

Adrian Heath: Oval Theme I, 1956

Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab)

Bernard Meadows: Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab), 1952-4


Denis Mitchell: Roseveor, 1985

Family Group

Henry Moore: Family Group, 1945


Henry Moore: Helmet, 1950

Maquette for Strapwork Head

Henry Moore: Maquette for Strapwork Head, 1950

Reclining Figures

Henry Moore: Reclining Figures, 1943

Reclining Woman No. 2

Henry Moore: Reclining Woman No. 2, 1980

Rocking Chairs

Henry Moore: Rocking Chairs, 1948

Working Model for Thin Reclining Figure

Henry Moore: Working Model for Thin Reclining Figure, 1978

Women Winding Wool

Henry Moore: Women Winding Wool, 1948

June 1959

Ben Nicholson: June 1959, 1959

Still Life (Winter Landscape)

Ben Nicholson: Still Life (Winter Landscape), 1946

Abstract in White, Black, Ochre and Maroon

Victor Pasmore: Abstract in White, Black, Ochre and Maroon, 1957

A Coat of Many Colours

Victor Pasmore: A Coat of Many Colours, 1979

Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black

Bridget Riley: Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black, 1974

Untitled (Fragment 5)

Bridget Riley: Untitled (Fragment 5), 1965

Untitled (Fragment 7)

Bridget Riley: Untitled (Fragment 7), 1965


William Scott: Untitled, 1958

Aerial Disturbance

John Tunnard: Aerial Disturbance, 1946


John Tunnard: Threat, 1946

Constructed Relief

John Wells: Constructed Relief, 1963