IFPDA Print Fair: New York

27 - 30 October 2022

Once again Osborne Samuel return with a collection of Modern British prints. Prints include Edward Wadsworth’s exceptional Vorticist woodcut of 1914 titled ‘Harbour of Flushing’ and CRW Nevinson mezzotint ‘From an Office Window, 1918’ and his masterpiece and the largest of his lithographs ‘Wet Evening on Street, 1919’. We have specialised in the avant-garde linocuts of the Grosvenor School of Modern Art made during the 1920s and 30s by Claude Flight and his followers since the early 1980s. We have pioneered the promotion of these wonderful prints each year at the Fine Prints Fair since the inception of the fair back in 1987. This year we bring a group of works by Flight, Sybil Andrews, Cyril Power and Lill Tschudi. Last fall many of these prints were included in the exhibition ‘Modern Times – British Prints 1913-1939’ of Leslie and Johanna Garfield gift to the Met. We will also be including contemporary prints we specialise in amongst which are three versions of William Kentridge’s ‘Sleeper’ series of monumental etchings, Grayson Perry’s ‘Map of Nowhere’ and David Hockney’s iconic ‘Pretty Tulips’ of 1969.

Rush Hour

Sybil Andrews: Rush Hour, 1930

The Windmill

Sybil Andrews: The Windmill, 1933


Sybil Andrews: Haysel, 1936

In Full Cry

Sybil Andrews: In Full Cry, 1931


Sybil Andrews: Grader, 1959

July, Summer 2014 V

Jim Dine: July, Summer 2014 V, 2014

July, Summer 2014 XVIII

Jim Dine: July, Summer 2014 XVIII, 2014

No Man’s Land – St. Mihiel Drive

Kerr Eby: No Man’s Land – St. Mihiel Drive, 1919

Paris Omnibus

Claude Flight: Paris Omnibus, 1923

Self-Portrait: Reflection

Lucian Freud: Self-Portrait: Reflection, 1996

Portrait Head

Lucian Freud: Portrait Head, 2001

Pretty Tulips

David Hockney: Pretty Tulips, 1969

Panama Hat

David Hockney: Panama Hat, 1972

Eight Vessels

William Kentridge: Eight Vessels, 2021


Puleng Mongale: Grounded, 2021

Frieze of Dancing Figures

Henry Moore: Frieze of Dancing Figures, 1921

Seated Figures

Henry Moore: Seated Figures, 1949

Standing Figures

Henry Moore: Standing Figures, 1950

Rain, Lake Zillebeke

Paul Nash: Rain, Lake Zillebeke, 1918

Banking at 4000 Feet

CRW Nevinson: Banking at 4000 Feet, 1917

Swooping down on a Taube

CRW Nevinson: Swooping down on a Taube, 1917

From an Office Window

CRW Nevinson: From an Office Window, 1918

New York: An Abstraction

CRW Nevinson: New York: An Abstraction, 1921

Now Back the Bayonets

CRW Nevinson: Now Back the Bayonets, 1918

The Temples of New York

CRW Nevinson: The Temples of New York, 1919

The Workers

CRW Nevinson: The Workers, 1919

Map of Nowhere

Grayson Perry: Map of Nowhere, 2008

Corps de Ballet

Cyril Edward Power: Corps de Ballet, 1932


Cyril Edward Power: Runners, 1930

Monseigneur St Thomas

Cyril Edward Power: Monseigneur St Thomas, 1931

Samson and the Lion

Cyril Edward Power: Samson and the Lion, c.1932

The Tube Station

Cyril Edward Power: The Tube Station, 1932

People Coming Out of Church

Lill Tschudi: People Coming Out of Church, 1938

Sailors’ Holiday

Lill Tschudi: Sailors’ Holiday, 1932


Lill Tschudi: Underground, 1930

“La Banda” at San Marco, Venice

Lill Tschudi: “La Banda” at San Marco, Venice, c.1955

Black Country

Edward Wadsworth: Black Country, 1919

Bradford, View of a Town

Edward Wadsworth: Bradford, View of a Town, 1914

Harbour of Flushing

Edward Wadsworth: Harbour of Flushing, 1914

S.S. Jerseymoor

Edward Wadsworth: S.S. Jerseymoor, 1918