London Art Fair: Islington 2023

18 - 22 January 2023

The London Art Fair returns to the Business Design Centre, and the gallery will be exhibiting a group of new modern British acquisitions alongside contemporary works by gallery artists.


John Bartlett: Bed, 2019

Creative Quarters

John Bartlett: Creative Quarters, 2021

Browns 1961 revisited

John Blackburn: Browns 1961 revisited, 2019

Fried Egg 1963 Revisited

John Blackburn: Fried Egg 1963 Revisited, 2018

Autumnal Maple

Brendan Burns: Autumnal Maple, 2021

Rhapsody I

Brendan Burns: Rhapsody I, 2022

Rhapsody II

Brendan Burns: Rhapsody II, 2022

Cloaked Couple V

Lynn Chadwick: Cloaked Couple V, 1977

Sitting Couple

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Couple, 1990

Tall Girl

Lynn Chadwick: Tall Girl, 1970

Twister II

Lynn Chadwick: Twister II, 1962

Forest Floor

Prunella Clough: Forest Floor, 1988

Black Hole (2)

Melanie Comber: Black Hole (2), 2019

Dreamer on the Seashore

John Craxton: Dreamer on the Seashore, 1944-45

Shepherd in a Landscape

John Craxton: Shepherd in a Landscape, c.1942

Young Man with Cigarette

John Craxton: Young Man with Cigarette, 1961

Forest Idyll I

Keith Grant: Forest Idyll I, 2021

Rain Squall at Selborne

Keith Grant: Rain Squall at Selborne, 2017

The Hanger with Clinging Cloud, Selborne

Keith Grant: The Hanger with Clinging Cloud, Selborne, 2017

The Sea and the Staircase, Moon Bay, Night

Keith Grant: The Sea and the Staircase, Moon Bay, Night, 2010

Oval Theme I

Adrian Heath: Oval Theme I, 1956

Walla Walla

Sean Henry: Walla Walla, 2020

You Don’t Know How It Feels

Sean Henry: You Don’t Know How It Feels, 2018

Indigo Mini with Brown Disc: June 1970

Patrick Heron: Indigo Mini with Brown Disc: June 1970, 1970

Panama Hat

David Hockney: Panama Hat, 1972


Peter Kinley: Landscape, 1957


Denis Mitchell: Roseveor, 1985

Family Groups

Henry Moore: Family Groups, 1944

Reclining Figure

Henry Moore: Reclining Figure, 1936-37

Death of a Working Hero

Grayson Perry: Death of a Working Hero, 2016


Ben Nicholson: Assisi, 1955


Winifred Nicholson: Bewcastle, 1972

Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown)

Victor Pasmore: Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown), 1973


Eduardo Paolozzi: Daedalus, 1990

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's

Approaching Harvest

Alan Reynolds: Approaching Harvest, 1952

Dark Fir, Shoreham

Alan Reynolds: Dark Fir, Shoreham, 1952

San Quirico d’Orcia I

Joe Tilson: San Quirico d’Orcia I, 1956

An Orchard by the Railway

Keith Vaughan: An Orchard by the Railway, 1945

Maze of Figures

Keith Vaughan: Maze of Figures, 1970

Two Men

Keith Vaughan: Two Men, 1970