London Art Fair: Islington 2023

18 - 22 January 2023

The London Art Fair returns to the Business Design Centre, and the gallery will be exhibiting a group of new modern British acquisitions alongside contemporary works by gallery artists.

In Full Cry

Sybil Andrews: In Full Cry, 1931

The Windmill

Sybil Andrews: The Windmill, 1933

Browns 1961 revisited

John Blackburn: Browns 1961 revisited, 2019

Composition JBW1, 1962/3

John Blackburn: Composition JBW1, 1962/3, 1962/3


Brendan Burns: Kito, 2022


Brendan Burns: Plume, 2022

Rhapsody II

Brendan Burns: Rhapsody II, 2022

Tidal Seep

Brendan Burns: Tidal Seep, 2022

Figure in Space

Reg Butler: Figure in Space, 1956

Maquette V Two Winged Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Maquette V Two Winged Figures, 1973

Pair of Sitting Figures IV

Lynn Chadwick: Pair of Sitting Figures IV, 1973

Sitting Woman in Robes II

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Woman in Robes II, 1987

Landscape with Cable

Prunella Clough: Landscape with Cable, 1957

Black Hole (2)

Melanie Comber: Black Hole (2), 2019

Carnival Horse

John Craxton: Carnival Horse, 1954

Dreamer on the Seashore

John Craxton: Dreamer on the Seashore, 1944-45

Still Life

John Craxton: Still Life, c1960

Volcanic Landscape

John Craxton: Volcanic Landscape, 1973

Miners Coming Off Shift

Merlyn Evans: Miners Coming Off Shift, 1946

Pierced Vertical

Paul Feiler: Pierced Vertical, 1963/1964

Self-Portrait: Reflection

Lucian Freud: Self-Portrait: Reflection, 1996

Tribute IV

Elisabeth Frink: Tribute IV, 1975

Red, Black and Blue Arrows

Terry Frost: Red, Black and Blue Arrows, 1962

Rain Squall at Selborne

Keith Grant: Rain Squall at Selborne, 2017

Remains of an Amphitheatre, Autumn

Keith Grant: Remains of an Amphitheatre, Autumn, 2017

Oval Motif

Adrian Heath: Oval Motif, 1958


Sean Henry: Hedda, 2018


Sean Henry: Youth, 2022

Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow

Patrick Heron: Complex Interlocking Red, Blue, Olive, Yellow, 1968

Yellow Autumn from a Terrace

Ivon Hitchens: Yellow Autumn from a Terrace, 1948


Peter Kinley: Landscape, 1957


Peter Lanyon: Gone, 1953

Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab)

Bernard Meadows: Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab), 1952-4


John Minton: Fisherman


John Minton: London, 1941


Denis Mitchell: Roseveor, 1985

Standing and Seated Figures

Henry Moore: Standing and Seated Figures, 1948

Pink, Red and Black

Ben Nicholson: Pink, Red and Black, 1978

Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown)

Victor Pasmore: Linear Development in Two Movements (Brown), 1973

Rocks and Walls near Tryfan

John Piper: Rocks and Walls near Tryfan, 1949

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's

Approaching Harvest

Alan Reynolds: Approaching Harvest, 1952

August Image

Alan Reynolds: August Image, 1959

Chalk Path, Early Autumn

Alan Reynolds: Chalk Path, Early Autumn, 1953-54

Legend in December

Alan Reynolds: Legend in December, 1955

Moth Barn Interior 3

Alan Reynolds: Moth Barn Interior 3, 1952

Village, October

Alan Reynolds: Village, October, 1953

Chelsea Suite No. 4

William Scott: Chelsea Suite No. 4, 1975


Graham Sutherland: Untitled, 1978

Sailors’ Holiday

Lill Tschudi: Sailors’ Holiday, 1932

An Orchard by the Railway

Keith Vaughan: An Orchard by the Railway, 1945

Frogmen and Worbarrow

Keith Vaughan: Frogmen and Worbarrow, 1964

Gainsford End Under Snow

Keith Vaughan: Gainsford End Under Snow, 1970

Night Bathers

Keith Vaughan: Night Bathers, 1966

Portrait Head

Keith Vaughan: Portrait Head, c. 1935

Two Bathers by a Pool

Keith Vaughan: Two Bathers by a Pool, 1968

Two Men

Keith Vaughan: Two Men, 1970