London Original Print Fair: Somerset House 2022

26 – 29 May 2022

The London Original Print Fair, founded in 1985 at the Royal Academy of Arts, will this year be held at Somerset House for its 37th edition. Prints have always been an integral part of our activities at Osborne Samuel. Most of us at the gallery began our careers in the world of original prints and thus there has always been a passion for them at the gallery. We deal in original prints, predominantly British, and each work we exhibit is an original work of art. Our stand at Somerset House will be curated to show the diversity, originality and technical expertise evident in so much of 20th and 21st century printmaking.



Sybil Andrews: Grader, 1959

Indian Dance

Sybil Andrews: Indian Dance, 1951

Market Day

Sybil Andrews: Market Day, 1936

Rush Hour

Sybil Andrews: Rush Hour, 1930

Leadenhall Market

Edward Bawden: Leadenhall Market, 1967

July, Summer 2014 V

Jim Dine: July, Summer 2014 V, 2014

September 13 1918, St.Mihiel (The Great Black Cloud)

Kerr Eby: September 13 1918, St.Mihiel (The Great Black Cloud), 1934

Into the Sea

Claude Flight: Into the Sea, c.1925

Paris Omnibus

Claude Flight: Paris Omnibus, 1923

Portrait Head

Lucian Freud: Portrait Head, 2001

Self-Portrait: Reflection

Lucian Freud: Self-Portrait: Reflection, 1996

Dorset Town

William Greengrass: Dorset Town, 1935

Panama Hat

David Hockney: Panama Hat, 1972

Eight Vessels

William Kentridge: Eight Vessels, 2021


Puleng Mongale: Grounded, 2021

Ne Lave pas ton Visage

Cinthia Sifa Mulanga: Ne Lave pas ton Visage, 2021

Frieze of Dancing Figures

Henry Moore: Frieze of Dancing Figures, 1921

German Double Pill-Box

Paul Nash: German Double Pill-Box, 1918

Rain, Lake Zillebeke

Paul Nash: Rain, Lake Zillebeke, 1918

Snow Scene

Paul Nash: Snow Scene, 1920

The Wall, Dymchurch

Paul Nash: The Wall, Dymchurch, 1920

After a Push

CRW Nevinson: After a Push, 1918

Banking at 4000 Feet

CRW Nevinson: Banking at 4000 Feet, 1917

London Bridges

CRW Nevinson: London Bridges, c.1920

New York: An Abstraction

CRW Nevinson: New York: An Abstraction, 1921

Reclaimed Country

CRW Nevinson: Reclaimed Country, 1917

Returning to the Trenches

CRW Nevinson: Returning to the Trenches, 1916

Survivors at Arras

CRW Nevinson: Survivors at Arras, 1917

Swooping down on a Taube

CRW Nevinson: Swooping down on a Taube, 1917

The Temples of New York

CRW Nevinson: The Temples of New York, 1919

The Workers

CRW Nevinson: The Workers, 1919

Ypres after the Second Bombardment

CRW Nevinson: Ypres after the Second Bombardment, 1916

Map of Nowhere

Grayson Perry: Map of Nowhere, 2008

Six Snapshots of Julie

Grayson Perry: Six Snapshots of Julie, 2015

Monseigneur St Thomas

Cyril Edward Power: Monseigneur St Thomas, 1931

The Carcase

Cyril Edward Power: The Carcase, c.1929


Cyril Edward Power: Runners, 1930

The Tube Station

Cyril Edward Power: The Tube Station, 1932

Bagatelle 1

Bridget Riley: Bagatelle 1, 2015


William Scott: Grapes, 1979


William Scott: Mingulay, 1962

The Plough

Ethel Spowers: The Plough, 1928

“La Banda” at San Marco, Venice

Lill Tschudi: “La Banda” at San Marco, Venice, c.1955


Lill Tschudi: Guards, 1936

People Coming Out of Church

Lill Tschudi: People Coming Out of Church, 1938

Sailors’ Holiday

Lill Tschudi: Sailors’ Holiday, 1932

Black Country

Edward Wadsworth: Black Country, 1919

Bradford, View of a Town

Edward Wadsworth: Bradford, View of a Town, 1914

Harbour of Flushing

Edward Wadsworth: Harbour of Flushing, 1914

Lord Mayor’s Show

Edward Wadsworth: Lord Mayor’s Show, 1936

S.S. Jerseymoor

Edward Wadsworth: S.S. Jerseymoor, 1918