Modern British Art

July & August 2023

Our summer season continues with an exhibition of Modern British paintings and sculpture, featuring new acquisitions. A selection will be at the new Treasure House Fair which replaces Masterpiece at the Chelsea Hospital site.

After the fair the full exhibition will be at the gallery until the end of July.

Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms)

Kenneth Armitage: Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms), 1957


Brendan Burns: Backwash, 2023


Brendan Burns: Bloom, 2023


Brendan Burns: Flare, 2019

Figure in Space

Reg Butler: Figure in Space, 1956

Sitting Woman in Robes IV

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Woman in Robes IV, 1987

Winged Figures

Lynn Chadwick: Winged Figures, 1975

Dancer in a Landscape

John Craxton: Dancer in a Landscape, 1943

Landscape (Spetses, Greece)

John Craxton: Landscape (Spetses, Greece), 1946

Sun, Cat and Bird

John Craxton: Sun, Cat and Bird, 1986-88

Untitled (Squid)

John Craxton: Untitled (Squid), 1954

Oval Motif

Adrian Heath: Oval Motif, 1958

Untitled (Self Portrait)

Sean Henry: Untitled (Self Portrait), 2023

Yellow Autumn from a Terrace

Ivon Hitchens: Yellow Autumn from a Terrace, 1948


Barry Flanagan: Monument, 1995

Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab)

Bernard Meadows: Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab), 1952-4


Denis Mitchell: Roseveor, 1985

Family Group

Henry Moore: Family Group, 1945

Maquette for Draped Reclining Figure

Henry Moore: Maquette for Draped Reclining Figure, 1952

Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet

Henry Moore: Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet, 1980

Reclining Girl

Henry Moore: Reclining Girl, 1983

Reclining Figures

Henry Moore: Reclining Figures, 1943

Rocking Chairs

Henry Moore: Rocking Chairs, 1948

Women Winding Wool

Henry Moore: Women Winding Wool, 1948

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's


John Piper: Tryfan, 1950

Moth Barn Interior 3

Alan Reynolds: Moth Barn Interior 3, 1952

Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black

Bridget Riley: Rising and Falling Curve with Turquoise, Cerise, Olive and Black, 1974


William Roberts: Bathers, 1923

Thames from Lambeth Bridge

Edward Seago: Thames from Lambeth Bridge, Circa 1973

(Abstract Painting)

William Scott: (Abstract Painting), 1959

Aerial Disturbance

John Tunnard: Aerial Disturbance, 1946


John Tunnard: Threat, 1946

Female Figure, 1988

William Turnbull: Female Figure, 1988, 1988

Blade Venus 1

William Turnbull: Blade Venus 1, 1989

An Orchard by the Railway

Keith Vaughan: An Orchard by the Railway, 1945

Copse by Mortimers II

Keith Vaughan: Copse by Mortimers II, 1971-2

Frogmen and Worbarrow

Keith Vaughan: Frogmen and Worbarrow, 1964

Group of Figures (Blue)

Keith Vaughan: Group of Figures (Blue), 1962-66


Keith Vaughan: Landscape, 1960

Nude Against a Rock

Keith Vaughan: Nude Against a Rock, 1957

Two Bathers by a Pool

Keith Vaughan: Two Bathers by a Pool, 1968

Theseus and the Minotaure (Interior at Minos or Theseus)

Keith Vaughan: Theseus and the Minotaure (Interior at Minos or Theseus), 1950