Modern British Art

June 2023

Two Winged Figures II

Lynn Chadwick: Two Winged Figures II, 1976

Watcher VI

Lynn Chadwick: Watcher VI, 1961

Volcanic Landscape

John Craxton: Volcanic Landscape, 1973

Young Man with Cigarette

John Craxton: Young Man with Cigarette, 1961

Self-Portrait: Reflection

Lucian Freud: Self-Portrait: Reflection, 1996

Red, Black and Blue Arrows

Terry Frost: Red, Black and Blue Arrows, 1962

Oval Theme I

Adrian Heath: Oval Theme I, 1956


Peter Kinley: Landscape, 1957

Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet

Henry Moore: Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet, 1980

Rocking Chairs

Henry Moore: Rocking Chairs, 1948

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's

Legend in December

Alan Reynolds: Legend in December, 1955

Village, October

Alan Reynolds: Village, October, 1953

Blade Venus 1

William Turnbull: Blade Venus 1, 1989

Two Bathers by a Pool

Keith Vaughan: Two Bathers by a Pool, 1968

Constructed Relief

John Wells: Constructed Relief, 1963