Nick Danziger: Selected Photographs

April 2022

Hyatt Place, London City East present an exhibition of selected photographs by Nick Danziger

Nick Danziger is probably one of the most widely traveled and unique photo-journalists at work in the world today. Born 1958 in London to an American father and English mother, he went to school in Switzerland but by the age of 13 was already traveling.

Following an MA at Chelsea art school he held one-man shows in London and New York whilst working as a visiting lecturer. However his desire to travel was overwhelming and in 1982 he was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship, using it to travel the ancient trade route from Turkey to China, through Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This he did on foot or in traditional local transport, documenting his trip in diaries as it unfolded. His first book, ‘ Danziger’ s Travels’ was based on these explorations and became an instant bestseller.

Nick has spent much of the last 25 years photographing the world most dispossessed and disadvantaged.

Allahabad Train Station

Nick Danziger: Allahabad Train Station, 2013

Pilgrims Preparing for Dawn Bathing No. 1

Nick Danziger: Pilgrims Preparing for Dawn Bathing No. 1, 2013

Pre-dawn, Holy Bathing Day

Nick Danziger: Pre-dawn, Holy Bathing Day, 2013


Nick Danziger: Procession, 2013

Sadhu No. 1

Nick Danziger: Sadhu No. 1, 2013

Sadhus Heading for the Sangam

Nick Danziger: Sadhus Heading for the Sangam, 2013

Sadhus Returning from the Sangam

Nick Danziger: Sadhus Returning from the Sangam, 2013

Sadhus at the Sangam

Nick Danziger: Sadhus at the Sangam, 2013

The Riverbank

Nick Danziger: The Riverbank, 2013