The Treasure House Fair 2024

26 June – 02 July 2024

Our summer season continues with an exhibition of Modern British paintings and sculpture, featuring new acquisitions. A selection will be at the new Treasure House Fair which replaces Masterpiece at the Chelsea Hospital site.

Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms)

Kenneth Armitage: Two Seated Figures (small version B with crossed arms), 1957


Brendan Burns: Backwash, 2023


Brendan Burns: Bloom, 2023


Brendan Burns: Flare, 2019

Figure in Space

Reg Butler: Figure in Space, 1956

Sitting Woman in Robes IV

Lynn Chadwick: Sitting Woman in Robes IV, 1987

Dancer in a Landscape

John Craxton: Dancer in a Landscape, 1943

Landscape (Spetses, Greece)

John Craxton: Landscape (Spetses, Greece), 1946

Sun, Cat and Bird

John Craxton: Sun, Cat and Bird, 1986-88

Oval Motif

Adrian Heath: Oval Motif, 1958

Untitled (Self Portrait)

Sean Henry: Untitled (Self Portrait), 2023

Yellow Autumn from a Terrace

Ivon Hitchens: Yellow Autumn from a Terrace, 1948

Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab)

Bernard Meadows: Large ‘Jesus’ Crab (Larger Spider Crab), 1952-4


Denis Mitchell: Roseveor, 1985

Family Group

Henry Moore: Family Group, 1945

Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet

Henry Moore: Reclining Nude: Crossed Feet, 1980

Reclining Girl

Henry Moore: Reclining Girl, 1983

Reclining Figures

Henry Moore: Reclining Figures, 1943

Women Winding Wool

Henry Moore: Women Winding Wool, 1948

Rocky Sheepfold

John Piper: Rocky Sheepfold, Late 1940's

Moth Barn Interior 3

Alan Reynolds: Moth Barn Interior 3, 1952


William Roberts: Bathers, 1923

Thames from Lambeth Bridge

Edward Seago: Thames from Lambeth Bridge, Circa 1973

(Abstract Painting)

William Scott: (Abstract Painting), 1959

Aerial Disturbance

John Tunnard: Aerial Disturbance, 1946


John Tunnard: Threat, 1946

Female Figure, 1988

William Turnbull: Female Figure, 1988, 1988

Blade Venus 1

William Turnbull: Blade Venus 1, 1989

An Orchard by the Railway

Keith Vaughan: An Orchard by the Railway, 1945

Copse by Mortimers II

Keith Vaughan: Copse by Mortimers II, 1971-2

Frogmen and Worbarrow

Keith Vaughan: Frogmen and Worbarrow, 1964

Group of Figures (Blue)

Keith Vaughan: Group of Figures (Blue), 1962-66

Nude Against a Rock

Keith Vaughan: Nude Against a Rock, 1957


Keith Vaughan: Landscape, 1960