Art Works: British and German Contemporary Art 1960-2000

Alistair Hicks

British and German artists, from Gerhard Richter to Damien Hirst, have helped to define the last forty years of art. Starting with Zero and Pop, and ending with Sensation artists and Ultra-modernists, Art Works offers a unique, fully illustrated survey of contemporary art. Drawn from one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of works on paper, that of Deutsche Bank, this book contains many pieces by famous artists such as Francis Bacon, Georg Baselitz, Sigmar Polke, Joseph Beuys and R.B. Kitaj, as well as by emerging artists such as Stepanek and Maslin and Susan Derges, most of which have remained unpublished until now.
The 48,000 works on paper now owned by Deutsche Bank have been bought for the staff and not as investments. The experience of working in a building with pieces by major contemporary artists is very different from – perhaps more rewarding than – a brief visit to a museum. The purpose of the collection, as well as offering a history of recent art, is to introduce staff to the work of young artists and to emphasize that art can play an important part in a working environment. Here, for the first time, the disparate parts of the collection are brought together in a single book. With over 250 colour illustrations, specially commissioned artists’ statements and a survey of the collection by art critic and curator Alistair Hicks, Art Works paints a vivid picture of the art of our time. 348pp.




  • ISBN: 9781858941189
  • Binding: Hardback