Prunella Clough: Unconsidered Wastelands

Margaret Garlake

Catalogue for the exhibition Prunella Clough: Unconsidered Wastelands at Osborne Samuel Gallery 16 April – 16 May 2015. The catalogue includes colour images of the full collection of over 70 paintings and works on paper. There are also contributions from those closest to her. Margaret Garlake was a friend and is an art historian and writer; Gerard Hastings knew her well and has written a perceptive essay describing her sources and working methods; Peter Adam was with her on Boxing Day 1999 when she died; and the late John Ball was an avid collector of Clough’s work and a close friend of hers and Keith Vaughan. 86 pp.




  • ISBN: 9780993078613
  • Binding: Softback