The Dancer on the Horse: Reflections on the Art of Iranna GR

Ranjit Hoskote

Iranna’s art is thought to be a stylistic challenge to postmodernism, using instead the representative, idealistic and modernist language of contemporary Indian painting. This book is a meditation on the life and work of the artist, emphasizing the spirituality of the artist’s work and the importance of his Guru. Frequently Iranna depicts a solitary figure in an unreal landscape, and this has been interpreted by the author as a self-portrait of one who feels estranged from his context. The Dancer on the Horse refers to a self-portrait by this name. The dancer must maintain both his own logical plan and take into account the movement of the horse which is unpredictable. This balancing act is a metaphor for the artist’s obligation to find the appropriate relationship between the inner and outer realities and the private solace in the studio and the public space of the gallery. According to the author, Iranna is immensely successful in achieving this equilibrium. 128pp with 180 colour illustrations.

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  • ISBN: 9788188204922
  • Binding: Hardback