Henry Moore: Space & Form

20 October - 17 November 2021

The gallery will exhibit a collection of sculpture, drawings and prints by Henry Moore drawn from our inventory and include important loans from private collections. The gallery specialises in the work of Henry Moore, this will be the fifth exhibition over the last 30 years. The exhibition will include rare early work and reflect the evolution of his career over 60 years from early student works to the iconic mother and child and reclining figure sculptures and drawings of the last years.

Baby’s Head

Henry Moore: Baby’s Head, 1926


Henry Moore: Figure, 1933

Reclining Figures

Henry Moore: Reclining Figures, 1943


Henry Moore: Helmet, 1950

Draped Reclining Figure

Henry Moore: Draped Reclining Figure, 1957

Working Model for Reclining Figure: Bone Skirt

Henry Moore: Working Model for Reclining Figure: Bone Skirt, 1977-1979

Mother and Child: Circular Base

Henry Moore: Mother and Child: Circular Base, 1980

Mother with Twins

Henry Moore: Mother with Twins, 1982